Professional life of leonardo da vinci

Refettoria domenicano di Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milano Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 05:33, 14 December 2012 (UTC) Crests above The Last Supper edit I'm confused about the area with crests, above The Last Supper.
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In both these cases, the relative greatness of the painting is a samsung s3 basso prezzo matter of opinion.Cause I don't know enough to fix.The painting is famous because millions of people recognise.There will be a selected range of subjects taught in English in the next years, especially in the grammar school.In any case, the section is not about facts.We could not work out whose hand held the knife and very, very carefully counted the hands of the six disciples who are on the Christ's right hand.I don't know why you think Mary Shelley had anything to say on the issue.It is right there.(The "blissed out" looked, as you describe it, looks more to me like someone slipped some Rohypnol or Ambien into John's wine.) This likeness and others similar to it I have since found is what closes the argument on John's identity.Dont you see how Leonardo used her as his mirror image hence the same blue and red garments.I look forward to replies.Or is it a part of his jacket, witch is also a wery strange position (almost physically impossible and must be painful) to hold your hand.
I would mention that I enjoyed Veronese's version of the same event much more than this cloudy degraded image.
Dia ( talk ) 12:26, (UTC) I agree.

ShareGod sells us all things at the price of labor.Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 20:32, (UTC) I would argue to the contrary.Paul B 09:53, (UTC) The medium?Yes, you could argue that John has descriptions that relate to the feminine side, but if you really look at it it a female, a Male can not look like that (joke) unless he goes through a serious plastic surgery.We had previously, of course, seen reproductions and comments in various TV programs.However this show is not known for that, a remarkable tableau gratta e vinci 10000 euro al mese scene featuring the last supper is a very rare occurance samsung serie 3 np350v5c s09it prezzo and as a viewer of that show i found it to be suprising.It is a very well-informed and carefully calculated response.Steve Dufour 18:39, (UTC) You didn't take out the pop culture sectuion.06:52, (UTC) I just restored the paragraph about Kern's ad/parody of the painting, since (at least for me) it is an interesting new fact relevant to the article's topic.
No Sforza would built a refectory and then plan to be buried in it (or hire Bramante to build a dining room!) I can't find a single reliable source that says it was a refectory when Leonardo painted there - only sources that state.

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Richter writes in his notes: Footnote 665, 666: In the original.